K&S Systems understands the values of doing any type of work in residential or commercial settings. With the knowledge and combined experience of our team, we strive to provide you with the best service possible that fits your needs.

Our specialties include: Theater Installation & Design, Electrical, and Drywall Installation/Repairs/Texture and Painting. We have designed and built projection theater rooms, game room additions, and more from the ground up!


Established in 2010.
We have combined our knowledge and past experiences from our customers in the construction and retail industries to offer all our new customers the best possible experience. K&S Systems pride ourselves in providing our customer’s with the utmost professionalism and hands on experience, thus creating a smooth and enjoyable end result.

Meet the Business Owner

Steve K.
There are two principles that I run our company on and express with anyone who wants to be a part of our team.

  1. Treat every project we work on as-if it were personally our own.
  2. Our customers are always right!

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